Solar thermal energy

100% „Made in Germany“

All-year highly efficient high-vacuum tube collectors


Founded in 2008 by the manager director G. Schaffron, s-power Entwicklungs- & Vertriebs GmbH is distributing worldwide its high-performance vacuum tubes and respective specific components from its headquarter in Meppen Nödike.
We are a business specialized in solar thermal energy systems with advanced technical expertise. We set new standards in the solar thermal energy branch with our “made in Germany” highly-efficient all-year vacuum tube collectors.

Our vacuum tube collectors are able to perform already with a low diffuse solar radiation in the summer as well as in the winter. They are therefore extremely versatile and can be used in numerous ways e.g. water heating, supporting the heating or even heating the swimming pool. It can also be used for processing heating/cooling in a private or business domain.

Our specially developed high-performance vacuum tubes have been manufactured fully automatic from the Fa. Narva in Germany since 2006. The established production line specially developed for the vacuum tubes has a maximal capacity of 3.0 million vacuum tubes per year. This corresponds to a total collector surface of 495.000 m² or 76 football fields. We constantly improve and further develop the solar systems in order to secure the maximal satisfaction possible to our customers.

In 2008 our vacuum tubes were exposed at the 18. Solar thermal symposium in Kloster Banz/Bad Staffelstein and was awarded with the “Otti” innovation prize.
The company s-power provides to its customer a worldwide acting technical support. This reaches from the plant simulation and the technical consult to the project of complex systems.

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2003 – The idea: Manufacturing solar thermal vacuum tubes industrially in Germany.
2004 – First prototype: Manufactured in cooperation with the company Narva Lichtquellen GmbH & Co.
2005 – Mass production of Narva’s vacuum tubes
            Foundation of the company Narva Trade Solartechnik in Meppen
            Launch of Narva’s tubes 2000mm and of the 1500mm and the 800mm special length
2006 – Extention of the product portfolio in regard of Narva HP tubes 2000mm and the 1500mm and the
            800mm special length
2008 – In the 18. Solar Thermal Symposium in Kloster Banz , Bad Staffelstein, Narva’s vacuum tubes
            have been awarded with the innovation prize “OTTI”
            Foundation of the company s-power GmbH in Meppen
            Worldwide distribution of vacuum tubes collectors and system-specific components
2010 – Realization and implementation of the biggest solar thermal facility for solar cooling in Canada
2011 – Implementation of the large scale project Telekom Rottweil

Our vacuum tubes are manufactured by the company NARVA with its own glass factory in Brand-Erbisdorf. With this we can assure our customers 40 years of experience in the area of vacuum and glass-metal connection and more than 20 years of experience in the production, development and coating technology.
Thanks to our know how and years of experience, our vacuum tubes are able to achieve excellent results.
Especially, the glass-metal connection between the cladding tube and the absorber makes this product robust and long-lasting. The nanoparticles coating increases the transparence and improves the efficiency of the product.
This ensures the achievement of excellent results in the conversion of solar energy in thermal energy by direct or just diffuse solar radiation.
We also give our customers a 10 year guarantee.

Company and product philosophy
Our goal is to make the developed technologies in the vacuum tubes sector available to a broad public worldwide.

One of the guiding ideas of our company is to supply sustainable concepts of energy supply at a competitive price through the use of highly modern solar thermal components and system solutions.
Another key point is our daily motivation to help change the world by producing an environmentally friendly energy supply.


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