Solar thermal energy

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All-year highly efficient high-vacuum tube collectors

full-vacuum tube

The tubes with the space-vacuum!

The vacuum in the s-power tubes actually has the same conditions as space atmosphere. Find out why exactly this is crucial for more power, more efficiency and unfading performance stability compared to other vacuum tubes!


Vacuum is not equal vacuum
And vacuum tubes are not equal vacuum tubes! The term "vacuum tubes" is erroneously used for all vacuum tube technologies in the market. This gives the impression to compare same product qualities with each other. This is a mistake! Considering the seemingly same products a little closer, you will notice that there are two different technologies hide behind.


Experts distinguish very clearly between partial vaccum tubes or solar tubes that´s partly evacuated and fully vacuum-sealed solar tubes. Substituting the term "vaccum" in relationship to proper funktion you get a right solution:


  • Partly vaccum-sealed solar tube = partially protected tubular system = perishable
  • Fully vacuum-sealed solar tube = fully protected tubular system = imperishable

What exactly does that mean?
Once partly vacuum-seald solar tubes (so-called thermos flask principle) catch the first rays of the sun the aging process begins. Power loss of 2-4% per year is a well known scale. This does not semm signigicantly. Heowever, seen at a >10 year runtime, this loss adds up to significant decreases in performance. Your payback period is not as expected.

Long life and power stability are crucial for the efficiency and sustainability of a solar thermal system. Therefore s-power relies on the undisputed full-vacuum tubes technology. Thereby it is crucial that all materials (the complete power unit which is the high-performance copper absorber unit and the heat transfer tube) permanently sealed in a high vacuum.


This full-vacuum technology is exactly what prevents (same as under space condition) what leads other system to performance degradation, ageing heat conduction components by atmospheric and thermo-chemical influences.


The full-vacuum tubes to 100% "Made in Germany" has its absorber unit in high vacuum, almost like in space. Therefore they clear of fogging caused by condensation, oxidation and internal contamination. After all, no air, no oxidation thus no aging, more persistentence. A vacuum like this, let´s say space vacuum, is the best isulator. Therefore the s-power full-vacuum solar tubes have the highest performance and lower costs in the medium term, than alternative systems.


Only if all materials of the power unit are located in a durable high vacuum, it guarantees that these materials are protected against thermal losses, corrosion, condensation, dirt and thermo chemically material changes for a lifetime. Therefore full-vaccum solar tubes are more efficent and allow higher savings than partly vacuum-sealed solar tubes.


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